The Cumby 50k race guidelines and tips:

The Course:

Maps of the course are posted at:    *GPS track can be downloaded  from this site

Bonus!! Note that the overall distance comes out at about 53-ish km. Don’t worry, you’ll do the tough bonus miles early when you are feeling good  J

Due to the Cumberland trails being a working forest, the route may be subject to alteration due to unforeseen circumstances such as logging. Yay for trees!

The race route will be two distinct loops that do not repeat any trail. The first loop will follow the same course the 23k event runs, returning back to the start/finish area. The second 30k circuit will take you up to the high point of the trail system and back down. Those who go out hard in the initial section may find the climb up to Race Rocks to be an interesting challenge!

If you use the information on these pages for training runs, you do so at your own risk. As with any training run, head out prepared with typical trailrunning emergency supplies in case you miss a turn or worse.

 Aid Stations

There will be 6 aid stations along the 50k route, spaced 5km to 12km apart. Be prepared for the longer distances between some of them – two bottles or a 1.5 litre hydration bladder are strongly recommended!! These bigger gaps are early in the race and you don’t want to get dehydrated.

Approximate locations:

AS 1 = 11.5km
AS 2 = 23km (drop bags)              
AS 3 = 33km
AS 4 = 39km
AS 5 = 43.5 km (8-hour time cutoff here)
AS 6 = 48.25km

Drop bags:

The course will pass through the start/finish area after 23km, and drop bags will be available at this point only.

Time cutoffs:

We rely on volunteers to be able to put this race on, so out of consideration for the long time many of them are donating for your benefit, as well as your own safety, we are enforcing cutoffs at 8 hours at Aid Station 5 (43km), and 10 hours for the finish. Runners who exceed the time limit at AS 5 will be provided with a ride back to the finish area. Please be aware of these limits and train accordingly.

Trail Courtesy:

We are not the only trail users out there, and are fortunate to be able to use these paths. Please be respectful of other people on the trail, since we share this resource and do not have any priority over anyone else.

You will encounter mountain bikers, so be on the lookout and aware of any approaching cyclists. Please give them right of way; it is easier for you to move off the trail than for them to.

Related to this need to be aware of other trail users, please be earbud-smart if you choose to listen to music: use a low volume or just a single ear so you can hear other people, birds, rushing rivers and the wind in the fir boughs.