Cumby Familiarization Runs

Meet in the Cumberland Recreation Institute Parking lot on April 7 and April 21 at 9 AM. We will take you on about half of each of the 13 km and 25 km routes (getting there and back will add on a couple of km). No one will be left behind and this is not a race. Looking forward to seeing you there. 

The Cumby routes with trail names

Half Cumby

Start up road to first no name old logging road on your right
Follow road, past Mama Bear and continue down old road to Perseverence
Up Perseverence to Davis Lake Main, right over bridge
Up Broadway
Cross Sykes bridge
Up logging road to start of 42nd St. on your left
42nd to Steamdonkey, then along to Teapot, up TP
Cross bridge on left at bottom of Truffle Shuffle
Up TS to Upper Vanilla, then down Lower Vanilla
Along ShortLine to Blue collar
Down BC to logging road and left to Railroad
Railroad to 5 point intersection (Crafty, Swamp Monster etc.)
Continue straight along no name old road to first trail on right (opposite logging road on left)
This no name trail starts with steep uphill and blue car part/bridge
Trail comes out at Crafty Butcher. Left
Down CB all the way to start of 2Flats
At this point Full Cumby goes right up 2F
Half Cumby follows logging road to Black Hole, left on No Hole
NH to Kitty Litter, right, left, over to old road that goes straight down into Cumberland (this is also the finish for Perseverence).

Full Cumby

2Flats to first old road and go right downhill to Y, go left at Y to Davis Lake Rd.
Right on Davis to Resurection
Up Resurection, right on Rapture
All the way on Rapture to intersection of 50:1
Continue Rapture but use road that bypasses wet spot and rejoins Rapture at base of cliff route
Up Rapture Cliff to top and left to bench view
Sharp right over to Top Hat, but continue past and left to Kamikazi
Down Kamikazi, left on Rapture
Follow Rapture all the way around until it comes back to the intersection with Crazy Ivan
Down CI, down Tunnel Canary
At Davis Lake Rd. up Two Shoes, right on Rapture
Follow Rapture past Cottonwood, Iron Curtain, 50:1
Right down access trail just past 50:1
Cross Davis Lake onto Josh, right on Josh
Cross bridge, finish on Colliery