The Cumby Race Rules and Guidelines

Please Read Carefully

We are pleased you can join us for the Full Cumby 25 km or the Half Cumby 13 km Trail Races.  Please read the following rules and guidelines so that we can keep everyone safe.

  • You must show ID in order to register. No bandits and no running through the finish chute if you are not registered. Please have your bib visibly displayed as we will be taking numbers at the checkpoints.
  • You must be at least 16 on race day to participate in the 25k.  All participants under 19 on race day must have parental consent, and parents/guardians must sign a waiver on race day. Youth on the 13k course:  Children under 14 years of age MUST be accompanied consistently by a registered adult racer on the 13km Half Cumby.
  • If you come across an injured runner you must stop and provide assistance. Stay with the runner, the next runner will go to the nearest marshal or checkpoint to get help. The contact for Race Central will be provided to you if you carry a phone. There will be mobile first aid attendants, as well as first aid checkpoints available.
  • If you are injured ask for help from the next runner. Stay with the runner, or marshall or aid station and the attendant  will come to you.
  • The course will be well marked with lime and ribbons, especially at trail junctions. Stay on the designated trail.
  • If you need to end your race prematurely, go to the next marshal or aid station, and announce your decision. The marshal will direct you  to the possible ways back to Race Central. You may have to walk or wait until a ride is available. It is very important that you do not leave the race without alerting a race official that you are not completing it. You must also check in at Race Central.  If we have not been alerted that you are not completing the race we will need to send out a search party while you might be happily at home in the bath.  Grrrrr!
  • We do not have priority access to the lands and they are used by many people, dog walkers, runners, and mountain bikers. Please respect others on the trails
  • Mountain bikers pose a significant risk to runners. Be particularly aware of bikers coming downhill towards runners going uphill with restricted visibility. In some situations it may be advisable to step off of the trail. We have designed the courses such that on most trails runners and mountain bikers proceed in the same direction, however, not always.  You have a role to play in minimizing your risk. Be aware of your surroundings!
  • If you come across a bear or a cougar do not proceed and alert other racers that there is a bear or cougar in the area. Hopefully they will wander off.  Please see the links about traveling in bear and cougar country on our website.
  • No Nordic poles.  No baby strollers.  No dogs. No smoking. No littering.
  • One ear bud only if you absolutely must. No exceptions as we need you to hear the mountain bikers, animals and marshals trying to get your attention.
  • We recommend that you walk most of the bridges. Walking ONLY bridges are signed as such. Assume all bridges and boardwalks are slippery. Keep to the center. Some bridges have a considerable drop off. Bouncing may occur.
  • All trails have been inspected and brushed. However there are always hazards. This is a wilderness race. Be especially mindful of branches at eye level, and unstable conditions on steep downhills. Lift your feet!

The Full Cumby 25 km and Half Cumby 13 kmTrail Courses:

Please refer to the maps on the Cumby website. The 25 km race and 13 km race follow the same route.  However, the 13 km route heads back to Race Central at the bottom of Crafty Butcher and before heading into the Eastern Block Forest. The route will be well marked and a marshall will be directing you.  Please know that we are racing in a working forest and the route may change because of active logging. We will post updates leading up to the race.

If you use the information on these pages for training runs, you do so at your own risk. As with any training run, head out with a friend and be prepared with typical trail running emergency supplies in case you miss a turn or worse. You will be traveling against some downhill mountain bike traffic, keep your head up and look up and announce your presence.    Watch the website as we will be holding two familiarization runs so you can get a feel for our wonderful trails and the race route.

25 km – begins at 10:00 sharp – Briefing at 09:45 at Race Central

13 km – begins at 11:00 sharp – Briefing at 10:45 at Race Central  (it would be great if you could come early to send off our 25 km racers).

Please see the maps and altitude profile on the Cumby website. The race will begin at No.6 Mine Heritage Park, go through the yellow gate and up the logging road. Single track trail begins at 1.5 km. Both routes will pass through the Aid Station at 9km.  The race route splits at approximately 12.5 km.  The finish for the 13 km is down a gnarly old logging road in the Cumberland Community Forest and up the street to Derwent and the Finish line.  The 25 km race continues past the 13 km cut off and heads up into the single track flowy trails of the Eastern Block.  The 25 km route home is a flat, wide, newly surfaced trail called the Colliery Line that runs for about a km and then up to Derwent and home to the Finish Line.

Aid Stations

There will be two aid station along the 13 km route at 9 km, and 12.5 km.  There will be a third aid station on the 25 km route at 19 km. Be prepared for the  distances between them by carrying enough water and nutrition to get you between them and home again. Please be aware that parts of both courses have limited forest cover and therefore maximum sun exposure which will increase your needs for adequate hydration. There will be water, and food (fruit and snacks), coke and ginger ale available at all aid stations. Please ensure you carry a water container.   If you have a specific preference for gels or energy bars you should carry them yourself.

Time cutoffs:

We want to support all racers coming across the finish line though we hope you are able to do so by the 4.5 hour limit.  This is a running race.  Please do not plan to walk the course.

Familiarization Runs

The Cumby is physically challenging wilderness event and you will need to train accordingly for either the 13 km or the 25 km race.  One way to become oriented with the trail system and the degree of ‘gnarliness’  is to join us on familiarization runs. Run leaders of both race routes different groups on runs that will cover approximately half the course each time and about two thirds the required distance overall. These runs will take place in March and April. We look forward to meeting you there.  The dates, time and location will be posted on the Cumby Facebook site so keep in touch with us.