A large number of volunteers are required to create a successful, safe and fun event. Volunteers can show their support by contacting our volunteer coordinator at tracykennett33@gmail.com and we’ll find a suitable place where you can help us out. Our volunteers will enjoy a great day of camaraderie  in supporting an exciting race in a beautiful environment.  Best of all we are pledging all of our net proceeds to the Cumberland Community Forest Society for their ongoing program of buying and preserving the forests we hold so dear.  You can help make this happen.

Volunteers can show their support by filling in the Race Roster form once registration opens on February 14 and tell us what volunteer role you would like.  The volunteer coordinator will let you know about your role by mid April.  We are very grateful for all of the help and support we receive from the many many volunteers who give up their time.  We cannot do it without you.