Familiarization Runs

Come and Join Us!


 Every year we have taken our registered and interested racers on a social run in the woods to familiarize runners to the route and ensure that people are aware that this is a wilderness event. It has been very popular.   We will take you on about 2/3 of  the 13 km and 25 km routes  and the full 5 km route  No one will be left behind and this is not a race, it is a social run. Looking forward to seeing you there. Please know you run at your own risk. 

April 4 and April 18, 2020


Meet in the Cumberland Recreation Center Parking Lot at 0900.  

There is no cost, however if you are not registered in the Cumby and you are not a member of the Comox Valley Road Runners (CVRR) please link to the CVRR Race Roster Page under Introductory Membership and sign the waiver.  It is free.  You must do this before you come to the familiarization run.