The Full Cumby - 25 km

Our Signature Race

Our signature event.  All of our races start at the Historic No. 6 Mine Heritage Park behind the Cumberland Recreation Institute .  From the No. 6 Mine Heritage Park, or Race Central  your route will take you into the Cumberland Hills.  We strive for  a mostly runnable course with lots of single track  uphill grinds  taking you to  vistas overlooking the  Baynes Sound.  There are sweet flowy descents, bridges to cross and roots to navigate. The Full Cumby parts from the Half Cumby and takes off into the "Eastern Block" of the Cumberland trail network.  Start time for 2020 is earlier this year to account for the high temperatures  in recent years .

  • Registration  07:30
  • Race Briefing  08:45  
  • Race start 09:00 

Please note:  The course map will be similar to 2019.  However, there is active logging in the area and the course will likely change .


Maps and Course Description

Share the trails.....

 If you use the course description and map for practice runs, watch out especially for mountain bikers please . Look up.  We share these trails.  

Full Cumby – 25 km  

No. 6 Mine Heritage Park start

Through yellow gate

Right up Davis Lake Main (DLM) Past Mama Bear then take first right on old logging road

Follow along old logging road to top of Mama Bear, turn left onto Two and a Juice for 20 meters, turn right onto Buggered Pig to DML and across through yellow gate heading to Allen Lake

At first fork go right and immediately left up narrow trail leading to the  lake

Up That Dam Trail  which becomes Slick Rock

Right onto SteamDonkey

Left onto 42nd Street

Left on old logging road over the Truffle Shuffle Bridge and up Truffle Shuffle  

Down Vanilla, (AS#1) Lower Vanilla, and past Short Line to Even Lower Vanilla

At end of Even Lower Vanilla go right on old logging road left on Short Line and go left

Down Blue Collar to logging road and left on

Logging road to Trestle

Trestle to Swamp Monster, left to Rugburn right to Scat,  left up the old logging road and then right on  

Soggy Biscuit, short section on logging road and back onto Soggy Biscuit, President’s choice and out to AS 2.   

This is Aid Station  #2. Half Cumby diverges left at this point  

Full Cumby goes right from AS@  up Two Flats, Sapsucker, and then Rapture all the way to where it intersects with 50:1 and giant chair

Continue Rapture, left at Ark, right on old logging road, right at Y, back on Ark to bottom of Cliff Rapture  

Up Rapture Cliff to top and left over to Fuji Jim bench.

Past bench and curl around on ridge past Top Hat and Extreme Lene

Sharp left and over to steep downhill called Kamikazi

Sharp left on Rapture

Follow Rapture all the way around crossing three logging roads until you pop out 50 meters from AS #3 at Crazy Ivan

Down Crazy Ivan , down Tunnel Canary, up Two Shoes, right on Rapture

Follow Rapture, crossing Cottonwood, Iron Curtain, 50:1, passing 50:1 Access. Continue on Rapture, right at Y towards top of Sapsucker. Down old logging road, right at Y to Davis Lake Main, cross active logging road,, left onto Josh. Right over the small bridge,  Colliery, Second Street, to Finish at No 6 Mine Heritage Park.