The Mini Cumby - 5 km

Encouraging our youth and walkers

 Our newest event!  We want to encourage children and youth to learn about trail racing in our gnarly Cumberland hills.  We also anticipate there will be  walkers who want to see just what all the fuss is about in the Cumberland Community Forest.  This race is for everyone and we anticipate that parents and guardians will know their kid's capacity for safety on the trails and decide if they need to be accompanied during the race by a racing parent or guardian.  Please know your kid's limits.  There will be marshals and cheerleaders along the course route and one aid station.  

  • Registration  09:30
  • Race briefing 10:15
  • Race start 10:30 

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Maps and Course Description

Mini Cumby Map will be up soon

Mini Cumby

No. 6 Mine Heritage Park start, down Dewent, left on Sutton

Through yellow gate,  Right up Davis Lake Main (DLM) Past Mama Bear then take first right on old logging road.  

Follow along old logging road to top of Mama Bear, turn left onto Two and a Juice, (Full Cumby and Half Cumby turn right onto Buggered Pig).  Mini Cumby continues up Two and a Juice until turn right on Missing Link all the way to it intersecting on Davis Lake Main.  Cross Davis Lake Main and up Spanker connector turning left onto Spanker, rright on President’s Choice, across the old logging road and continue down President’s Choice (past the Soggy Biscuit intersection where the Half and Full Cumby route joins with the Mini. Out to AS2 and down to Black Hole, turn left on No Hole, turn right on Kitty Litter and keep straight onto Space Nugget, at the bottom of Space Nugget turn right and head to home past Josh’s trail and over the little bridge, onto the Colliery Line, turn left at the bottom of second ave, left at Derwent and back to No. 6 Mine Heritage Park.  oming soon. 

This is 2019 course. The 2020 course will be posted soon

This is last years course. It will  be updated for 2020.